Import NFTs To Your MM Wallet

2 min readDec 24, 2021


Hello Voldies!


If you owned NFT you can import it to your Metamask wallet,

It can be visualized in two types;
1- Token (On MetaMask Extension and Mobile)
2- NFTs (On MetaMask Mobile)

HRC-721 Token

You should add VoldemArt’s smart contract address to see “VOLDEM” token in your MetaMask Wallet.

When you click on “Add Token” You will see “Token Contract Address” Then copy and paste our contract address:


Then you can add it in your wallet.

Visualized NFTs on MetaMask Mobile

First you should sync your extension version of your MetaMask with mobile version.


Then you can see “NFTs” tab, when you click “Import NFT” you will face two space to fill,
in first space enter VoldemArt’s “Contract Address” and your owned NFT’s “Token ID”. You can get your Token ID in your token details page.

VoldemArt’s Contract Address:


Now you can see your owned/created NFT in your wallet.

Please note: If you list your created NFT you won’t be able to see it in your wallet anymore, If you purchase a NFT you can see it by adding contract address and your Token ID.

Stay With VoldemArt, We Appreciate Your Art!