Second Phase Of Testnet Is Live!


Hi Voldies!

Welcome to the testnet period of VoldemArt!

We are happy to announce second phase of our testnet successfully launched!

The second phase is online now!

As you remember we divided testnet period into four phases!

VoldemArt Testnet Roadmap
VoldemArt Testnet Phases (Roadmap)

We planned Smart Contract Base, Backend Development, Design Retouch and Wallet Integration for the second phase. They are now live on VoldemArt’s Testnet.

In second phase we successfully completed;

  • MetaMask wallet integration is completed.

You can check your wallet easily in Harmony Explorer.

1Wallet and Blits Wallet will integrate soon.

  • Frontend design is retouched and modernized.
Frontend Design

Application is optimized for stable and fast experience

VoldemArt’s platform performance report by GTmetrix
  • Backend and smart contract development is in progress

In phase three you can try the trial version of it!

For the second phase check the testnet platform and please tell us your feedbacks about design and user experience in our Discord server. Maybe you will face hitches on platform, don’t forget that we are on testnet period. You will be announced anytime we hit a milestone!

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The remaining testnet phases are phase 3 and 4.

Phase 3: HRC721 Mint/Withdraw/Deposit, Evaluation of Feedbacks, Adding Testnet NFTs

Phase 4: Finalizing Testnet, Road to MainNet, Last Security Checks

Don’t forget to join our Discord Server and Telegram Community!

You can submit your feedbacks in Feedback section

Twitter: @VoldemArting

Check our Docs domain for newly added information!

Stay with VoldemArt, We appreciate your art!




New NFT Marketplace on Harmony ONE ecosystem!

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New NFT Marketplace on Harmony ONE ecosystem!

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