VoldemArt NFT Marketplace Testnet is Launched Successfully!

Hi Voldies!

Welcome to the testnet period of VoldemArt! We are happy to announce our testnet successfully launched! We divided testnet period into four phases!

Phase 1 => Documentation, Roadmap & PR, Draft Frontend Design, Testnet Launch

Phase 2 => Smart Contract Base, Backend Development, Design Retouch, Wallet Integration

Phase 3 => HRC721 Withdraw/Deposit, Evalution of Feedbacks, Adding Testnet NFTs

Phase 4 => Finalizing Testnet, Road to Mainnet, Last Security Checks

VoldemArt aims to create an optimized market according to their needs by listening to its users since the first day it opened the testnet. We will provide you with a stable market experience by using an advanced and secure system that we will create with the power of the Harmony ecosystem with the support of the community.

In this phase please tell us your feedbacks about design and user experience in our Discord server . Maybe you will face hitches on platform, don’t forget that we are on testnet period. You will be announced anytime we hit a milestone!

Testnet: https://testnet.voldem.art/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoldemArting

Harmony Forum: https://talk.harmony.one/u/VoldemArt/

Stay with VoldemArt, we appreciate your Art!




New NFT Marketplace on Harmony ONE ecosystem!

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New NFT Marketplace on Harmony ONE ecosystem!

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