Why VoldemArt?

VoldemArt has the idea of becoming the bridge between creative artists and enthusiastic customers through its ease of use marketplace. The goals of our project is lows cost, frictionless and interactive platform for bot artists and collectors.
The problem we are all facing is a multichain market place, where NFTs can move across blockchain or even into different marketplaces. VoldemArt has been working on this issue since our beginning, and although we will not have this function at launch, we will be working hard to integrate this feature. In the third stage of our roadmap, you will have the ability to withdraw your NFTs sell them wherever you’d like. We will strive to bring a stable and dependable marketplace to its users.
Through our double-check system we will work hard to prevent stolen, and copyright material. By click our link you will be able to verify extended information on your NFT of interest, and shop with confidence that we have taken the precautions to protect collectors.
Lastly users will become active through participation in campaigns, and welcoming company-specific NFT series.

Briefly, VoldemArt is a totally new place for artists, investors and all those who are interested with NFT world!




New NFT Marketplace on Harmony ONE ecosystem!

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New NFT Marketplace on Harmony ONE ecosystem!

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